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Worldwide Trending Topics: The topics or hashtags most talked about on Twitter (currently being discussed).

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Trending Topics- #BeyonceBowl, Cam Netwon, Peyton Manning & more

10/02/2016 10:56
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Beyonce's performance during the Super Bowl halftime has gone viral. She's on the radar for starting a crisis fund in Flint, Michigan, dropping a surprise single and announcing a world tour. But it's her alleged tribute to Black ...

Trending Topics: Free Chipotle & Super Bowl 50

08/02/2016 18:26
Free food is a great way to many people's hearts, and Chipotle knows how to please its customers. The Mexican chain shut down all 2,000 of its locations during lunchtime Monday for a company-wide meeting about food safety. If you were planning on going ...

[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Big Tigger's 360-Degree Look At #SB50

08/02/2016 19:45
First, if you somehow weren't among the 100-plus million who made last night's Super Bowl the third most watched television program ever – what, just couldn't break away from the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” marathon?! – the Denver Broncos beat the ...

Bad penalty kill sinking Sharks at home (Trending Topics)

05/02/2016 15:37
This shouldn't come as any sort of great shock, of course, but the ability to get in the last change, place your stick second on faceoffs, play in a familiar setting, etc. all adds up to a fairly significant statistical advantage that, of course, leads ...

Trending Topics- Stacey Dash shade, Trump to skip GOP debate & more

27/01/2016 11:30
Presidential candidate Donald Trump will not attend Thursday's GOP debate. According to his campaign manager, it's due to a fight with the network. Trump said he would "most likely" hold a competing event in Iowa during the debate. "Let's see how much ...

Viola Davis: 'Diversity is not a trending topic'

30/01/2016 22:48
“Welcome to diverse TV,” double winner Idris Elba joked toward the end of the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday night, as the British star introduced a clip from Beasts of No Nation. Following an awards season marked by controversy over the all ...

Trending Topics: Serial Podcast & Burger King

03/02/2016 18:37
Are you a fan of the explosively popular Serial podcast, or Burger King? Check out the topics trending on social media today. A convicted murderer who was the focus of a popular podcast is returning to court to argue he deserves another trial and a new ...

[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Be Gone – Declares Queen Bey!

04/02/2016 19:45
(Then again, that publication might be a sore subject for West at the moment); Speaking of – add Wendy Williams to West's aforementioned list of prickly subjects, as well (Apparently); And while we're apparently focusing on topics to avoid today, if ...

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About Trending Topics

A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic (TT for short).

Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.

These topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening in the world.

Trending topics are sometimes the result of concerted efforts by fans of certain celebrities or cultural phenomena. The trend algorithm has been altered in the past to prevent manipulation of this type.